Speed Series 2006

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This page is for those interested in following  my second year of
Sprinting & Hill climbing, I am hoping to do a lot better this year!
Having said that I learnt from the Westfield World magazine that I had
actually won an award for 4th. in class for 2005, unfortunately I
couldn't attend the awards ceremony and nobody told me that I had won
a Trophy! Not such a bad start after all.
The Championship this year has a major tyre sponsor TOYO TYRES
which the vast majority of classes are required to use.

I now have a limited slip differential, cycle type wings and the new Toyo
tyres as required, I have booked a Track day at Cadwell in March to
try out the new mods. 1st. event hopefully will be Shelsley Walsh hill
climb in May, if I can get my application in quick enough once the regs.
are sent out. I was disappointed last year with this one as it was
oversubscribed (their centenary year).

I have just enjoyed a fantastic trackday at Cadwell Park race circuit,
the car was an absolute dream, the performance was excellent and the
difference that the tyres and limited slip differential have made was
amazing! The grip out of the corners has transformed the car.
So I am a lot more confident in achieving better times in the
forthcoming Speed Series.

Shelsley Walsh now confirmed for the 14th. May, notoriously difficult
and dangerous (grass banks and railway sleepers!) but due to the history
of the place I am so pleased to get in. I will update when I have
completed this event. Click for
Shelsley Walsh

What a fantastic venue! The car ran well, in the morning the hill was
very slippery and everybody struggled for traction, however as the
track dried out the times got better, I hoped for a 40 second run which
I achieved in the end, which was a full 13 seconds quicker than my first
practice run!
It was nice to enjoy the history and to take part in an event with much
grander machinery (Ford GT40's, a genuine AC Cobra & several vintage
Grand Prix cars), everyone was friendly & encouraging.
The best start I could possibly have to the new season.

May 28th. Just had a great day at Harewood Hillclimb, just a non-timed
funday with passenger rides, no speed restrictions though!
Car was good and my passengers said they enjoyed it despite a spin
which sent me over the finish line backwards!

17th./18th. June Le Mans 24hours, just returned having celebrated my
40th. Birthday with some great company, my friends, Smudge, Esther,
Simon and young Luke from work. A great time was had by all. This
event just seems to get better & better, although I did get a little bit
drunk, well very drunk actually, which is unusual for me !!!!!!!

June 25th. Curborough sprint near Lichfield, car went well although the
driver was not on par in the morning!! Things improved slightly after
lunch but still too slow although did secure a 3rd. in class with an award.

Goodwood festival of speed 7/8/9th. July, this event is fantastic and
the organisation is second to none, only spectating, but what a show!

Saturday 22nd. July competed in a sprint at Llandow circuit in Wales,
my times were not great as it is a high speed circuit and my car just
seems to lack top end speed, however I was pleased with the handling
and grip which is down to the tyres and diff.

Sunday 23rd. July, hillclimb at Llys-y-fran reservoir and National
Trust park, this time my performance was competitive, due to the twisty
hill needing good handling and low down power, (3rd, 4th & 5th gears
superfluous!) enjoyed it immensely and will definitely be on my calendar
of must do events next year.

August 5th. Sprint at the Goodwood circuit, had a fantastic day, car was
a treat to drive on such a circuit, however it suited cars with a much
higher top speed than my Westie, so my times were not great, nice
picture though!

Saturday 23rd. September, Thoresby park sprint, this was a great fun
if not a little tricky, event, my times were more competitive due to it
being another tight twisty track rather than high speed circuit.

Saturday 30th. September, Loton Park hillclimb, I really like this venue,
weather was a bit dodgy with the hill being quite damp and slippery
beneath the many trees, however I was over 3 seconds quicker than last

So my second year is up, another 4th. in class overall, however I feel it
was more deserved than last year, as this time I was only 0.89 points
behind the 3rd. placed driver and I have (and the car) improved
considerably. I can't wait to compete again next season as the
atmosphere and camaraderie is second to none in this amateur form of

Have just done a track day
Silverstone trackday November 2006